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Sample Cube


Deliver better research outcomes, faster

Manage your entire project lifecycle with a few clicks – Bidding, Field Management, Survey Programming, Hosting, Sample Sourcing, Data Collection, Reporting, and Invoicing. Sample Cube connects research firms with real people through a fully automated, easy-to-use platform. The solution works seamlessly with any 3rd party software in the MR ecosystem such as sample management, security etc.

Sample Cube’s advanced machine learning delivers maximum ROI through predictive models, real-time panelist recommendation engine, survey quality score, and 20+ security systems from firms such as MaxMind, Imperium, SampleChain, etc.

Primary Features

  • Sourcing the best-fit respondents through real-time matching using deep data
  • Complex nested quotas that allow for click balancing
  • Flexible qualification-based targeting with both standard and customizable elements
  • Live progress view of all field reports – from deep-dive traffic report and Invoice report, to aggregated project-level reports
  • Simple and instant invoicing
  • Fielding complex surveys such as recontacts
  • Fine-tuned blending of multiple sample sources