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Full-Service Operations


Full-Service Operations

With the experience of generating more than 14 million survey completes every year, we have built cost-effectiveness and flexibility into our services ecosystem.

Survey Programming

Market Cube develops advanced surveys that focus on actionable data while ensuring respondent engagement. We utilize both traditional, and non-traditional approaches, which include the best audience-engagement features such as engaging visuals, interactive elements, and gamification. With a suite of advanced programming tools, we maintain fast turnaround times with precision, even for the most complex surveys.

Key features:

  • Available on any device – smartphones, PCs, and tablets
  • Localization for any language on earth
  • Multiple types of questions: text, image, and/or video
  • A wide range of survey types to facilitate your desired analysis
  • Consultation with our survey experts to build the optimal design

All surveys are hosted in the most secure GDPR & CCPA compliant environment for data security.

Data Processing

We supplement human effort with automated tools to deliver high-quality data with accuracy and precision. Our system intelligence can identify patterns in real-time, adapting on the fly to maximize the quality of response data. In addition, we check for the accuracy of the data with respect to the questionnaire. The output is shared as raw data in a wide variety of formats, including Excel, SPSS, and ASCII. 


Our dedicated coding team converts the raw list of verbatim responses into quantified data useful for deriving meaningful insights.


When it comes to charting, quality and customization is the key. Our high-quality charts, which are generated using an array of visualization tools, make the insights easily consumable.



With a mix of automated tools, single-view dashboards, and live reports, we have introduced massive effectiveness and speed into reporting. We use a wide variety of programs and statistical methodologies to help you extract powerful insights. Our reports range from PowerPoint-based formats to real-time visualization such as trackers, word clouds, trend maps, etc.